Teachers and Staff

This section of the site is for recollections of your favorite teachers. If you would like to add something to this page, send a message to John Tapp with your comments. 

If you have any contact information for those teachers (which they would not mind sharing), please include that in a message to me, and we will verify that it is OK with them to have it posted on the site, and perhaps they will have something to share themselves.

Mr. Donald Greene

Our senior year, Mr. Greene was the family life teacher. He helped us think through a lot of things that eventually became our realities as married family people of today. We held a mock wedding, had "babies", discussed sometimes "heavy" subjects, etc. Mr. Greene was a great teacher & friend.....occasionally, since I had his class 4th period with lunch in the middle of the class.....he would let me make a McDonald's run. He was a vegetarian & would always tell me to order a "Big Mac hold the meat".........made me look goofy, but I did it! He was a hoot! Very kind, optimistic, fun & happy to be around.

Mrs. Margaret Neely

The school secretary, Mrs. Margaret Neely, was such a sweet spirit in the school! I worked with her as a Main Office aide & thoroughly enjoyed it. Mrs. Barbara McWilliams, Mrs. Dottie Pukl & Mr. Joe Anglin, our principal, hosted a great environment to work in.